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Needed stuff & giveaways / Tauschliste

🇬🇧 Here are some things I use and want or I want to share or give away.

🇩🇪 Hier gibt es einige Dinge, die ich brauche, teile oder verschenke.

Currently needed things / Aktuell benötigte Sachen

  • A part time job as a software engineer... or in a bike workshop, outdoor shop, (international) cafe, tourist guide, German teacher for Spanish people, or trans* awareness work, network admin for leftish spaces (thanks a lot to Laila ❤️)
  • Sorting trays for clothes / Aufteiler für Kleidung (IKEA)
  • Many clothes hangers / Viele Kleiderbügel (IKEA)
  • Small (computer) desk / Kleiner (Computer-)Tisch (Ebay)
  • Shelf / Regal (BxTxH ca. 60x20x150cm) (Ebay)

Things that I can always use well / Kann ich immer gut gebrauchen

  • Aldi-Talk codes (prepaid SIM)
  • Sticker / Aufkleber

Things to give away / Zu verschenken

  • Small things, better ask
    • Comb
    • Dices / Würfel
    • Set square / Geodreieck
    • Mini card
    • Postcard
    • 4 metal decorations
  • Skills from a software developer (e.g. building websites, small programs, OpenStreetMap tagging, creating QR code for the WiFi, installing Linux, backups) / Fähigkeiten einer Programmierer:in (z.B. für Webseiten, kleine Programme, Linux-Installationen, Backups)
  • Traveling experience (also talks/skillshares) / Reiseerfahrungen (auch Vorträge)
  • A "lift" (cycling/living together) / Eine "Mitfahrgelegenheit"

Long-term needs

  • Supporters for my surgery (2025)
  • DAC Pressfit tent pole set
  • A real expedition bike (expensive)

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