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Pure 🇬🇧

It's midnight, somewhere at a road between the mountains. Since 3½ hours I'm cycling uphill. There is no moon, only stars. The last car passed by maybe one hour ago, no houses since 1½ hours.

I'm looking on the ground. Sometimes the road is cracked - maybe 4 centimeters width, 10 centimeters deep, sometimes 100 meters long as if the street plummets slowly. It's okay, I'm concentrated, sweating everywhere, I'm in touring mode. In the darkness I see about 15, maximal 20 meters of the white lines of the road. Sometimes in the corner of my eyes I see a reflecting street sign.

Many thoughts, but somehow sorted. The last six nights I was sleeping outside. A person said me that im "pure". The first time when I heard it from another person, I didn't understand what it means. There is no German translation for "pure", there are many.

NightChocolate with a special story

The "pure" thing was my topic the last week.
In Granada a stoned guy wanted to play chess with me. When building up the chessboard he lost the first piece. I decided not to play - it didn't feel good.
Another guy was ringing my bell and wanted to have my speaker. I said "no", but no reaction.
There was also a drunken guy who wanted my phone to translate me something. I said it's only working with WiFi. He didn't understand. Then he wanted to write his message on my bike panniers. "No!" I understand that he wants money to buy wine. He said otherwise he's not smiling and speaking to other people.. and gets no money when he is begging.
Also the thing in Anjum (🇳🇱) was with drunken people. There were also creepy stories at Isla Bonita, in the parking of Beneficio, and other places. I don't understand why people drink beer etc. and say something like "Salud" (🇪🇸) or "Gesundheit" (🇩🇪) - in English "for health".

Inner and outer health is not like throwing a dice. I'm no exception. There are good reasons why I don't consume alcohol, caffeine (coffee, cola), theine (black/green/white tea), marijuana, drugs, mushrooms, etc. The same about meat, sugar, milk, etc. For me this are all things which are limiting my body and mind. Most people are talking about "abstention" in this context. If you love your body there is no reason to mistread it 😘

Sometimes I'm thinking that I'm in the wrong world. So many things are contrary and many people are trying to accept it instead of questioning it. And yes - it's not easy.

I also questioned why I'm doing all this cycling, learning languages, sweating, playing chess in the night, cleaning up the nature, etc.. Sure - there are easier ways to live.
But this is the point: What means life?
Buying a van, watching YouTube and trying to avoid complicated things? For me life is everything which is changing, moving, living - the opposite of dead things.
I love to learn new things every day, to use my body (for whatever). I'm very thankful for my life, and I don't want to waste it for stupid things.

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Very nice article, more of these !

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