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La Isla Bonita 🇬🇧

I'm in a cosy bed, writing about what happened to me the last days.


Some days ago the clouds were brown and grey, the sun was covered and looks strange. The dirt in the air comes from the Sahara. People who are living here know it. When it started to rain everything went dirty outside, also my bike. The next days there was a lot of wind, a full moon and amazing sunsets. I got my own room which is now used for regeneration, meditation, deep talks, cuddle, also as workspace for handmade stuff. For me it's a place of inner growth and other lessons of life.

Big bagBig bagSome days ago I was sitting in my room and thinking about everything. Where do I want to go? What do I want to do?
My answer to this was very simple and very true. I want to go nowhere. Here is my new home and it's exactly what I want to do! I started to find a solution for my life and this place fits like no other place where I've been before.

Regeneration areaMealSure, nothing will last forever. This house or "ruins" are getting destroyed soon. But there are many possibilities around. I got to know many people here, other places and it's absolutely no waste of time. I'm learning so much, constructing things which I'm dreaming of. Many things are happening here which seem to be impossible on other places today.
I can't write about everything. Please try to understand without many words. It's about the stories of other people here, special skills for life, and being free.
Don't worry, I'm not another person, don't take drugs or other creepy things. I'm living in peace with me and all beings around. Probably like I meet you on my way 😉

MeI'm here in Águilas since end of February. My biggest project is now to build a new front bag. It's made of found material, and will be waterproof and undestroyable when it's done. I get burning eyes when I talk about it. I already build an extendable platform for my front, this room, a very huge tent, my first small bag, a lot of high tech upcycling decorations like a small moon and reflecting eyes for my smiley box.
Pictures and videos are on my Telegram channel. I'm putting many small updates there. You can also use it without the Telegram app.


The moon


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