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Hippie Momo 🇬🇧

Hey there, I'm still in Águilas ❤️

I don't know the reason I'm still here. I trust my feelings, they lead me in this world. Sometimes it's very confusing. The summer will be very hot in Andalusia, up to 50°C. I still didn't continue. Why am I here?

It feels like growing roots in another city. I got to know many people here, many places, the sea and the waves, everything. I don't spent much time on my smartphone, to prepare food or to sleep. In short: I have a lot of time to listen to the world, I'm Momo.

I'm sleeping here and there, somewhere around the city. Most of the days I'm at the beautiful island. I build a huge upcycling tent outside temporary, found nice people from the town, many places at the coast to sleep.

Setup the tentGlowing eyes in the darkAt the coastThe last weeks I got some tools and material to build wallets, bags and so on. Hopefully unbreakable and useful for many people here. Maybe I can't sell it, but I'm learning a lot anyway.

My rear wheel and my brakes were fixed yesterday, my Flixbike is ready. I also modified it and build an unfoldable platform which was a lot of lovely work.

New platformFixing my bikeThere is still one topic which fascinates me: my sexuality, or at least the ways to think about and to express it. A week ago I had a wet dream, again. It's not so common, maybe every six weeks. This time it was a mix of all the experience here in Águilas. A girl wanted me and I was not able to say something. Everything went too fast. She took place on me, I exploded.. in my sleeping bag 😇
I also had another awake sex experience here and it was completely okay. Don't worry that I'm getting hippie. It's okay, I don't take drugs or other things ❤️

When I'm writing this text it's like dreaming. But I know and I feel it's real.



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