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Small website updates [EN]

I made some smaller updates on my website.

  • The first thing you probably notice is the new banner. The old one was made from pictures of previous tours. Now it's up to date, yeah!
  • The tracks of the maps are now compressed. All GPX files are now 9.3 MB instead of 5.2 MB - 44% smaller. Another plugin produces 3% smaller outputs. All changes are soon available as Open Source Software, licenced as GPL.
  • All EuroVelos tracks are updated. It's public data from OpenStreetMap.

Big thanks to Louise for her great Linux Laptop ♥

Please don't phone me, the story of my smartphones (update) [EN]

This is a text about my smartphones and the current problems. At first my smartphone with the old SIM card is in flight-mode because every call costs me 0.75€ and 0.19€ per minute. Since today I have a new SIM card.

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